St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Pierre Delivers The Piaye Bridge

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On January 23, 2024, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre was joined by Félix Fernández-Shaw, Director for Latin America, the Caribbean and relations with all Overseas Countries and Territories at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA), Cabinet Ministers and EU dignitaries for the ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the official opening of the Piaye Bridge.

The successful completion of this project signifies the Prime Minister’s commitment to strengthening our national infrastructure and spearheading Saint Lucia’s transition towards climate-resilient construction.

The Piaye Bridge links the south-western communities of Laborie, Choiseul and Soufriere to the town of Vieux-Fort. The benefits of the completed two-lane bridge extend to motorists, commuters and Piaye environs who can enjoy reduced travel times and enhanced productivity. The Piaye Bridge is a climate resilience structure that can withstand weather-related phenomena and the effects of climate change.

The Government of Saint Lucia signed the Financing Agreement for the Saint Lucia Post Trough Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project on April 26, 2016, for the financing of the reconstruction of the Piaye Bridge and the rehabilitation/reconstruction of the Anse La Raye Venus Road for EURO 5,740,000. The contract price for the reconstruction of the Piaye Bridge was $7,357,69.49.

The funds were channelled through the World Bank between the Government of Saint Lucia and the International Development Association. The World Bank served as Administrator of the Saint Lucia Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project – EDF Trust Fund.

After the designs for the Piaye Bridge were finalized in 2021, O.B. Sadoo Engineering Services commenced construction works in February 2022. The contractor finished the construction works in September 2023 with savings and on time.

The Government of Saint Lucia extends its thanks to the European Commission, the European Union and the World Bank for their cooperation on this project.

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