St Thomas and Ivor Walters face off in football championship finals

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By Monique Washington

The St. Thomas’ Primary school will seek Friday to defeat the defending Football champions Ivor Walters Primary school from winning their third consecutive football championship.

Seven primary schools embarked two weeks ago to compete for the championships — Maude Cross Preparatory, St. Thomas’, Charlestown, Ivor Walters, Violet O’ Jeffers Nichols, Elizabeth Pemberton and the Joycelyn Liburd Primary school.

Ivor Walters has retained the football championship for two consecutive years. The Physical Education teacher and coach has confidence that the championship will return to the school.

The Observer contacted Govanie Hendrickson, PE teacher at the school. on Thursday and was told the team has not lost any matches.

“We have won all of our matches. We are ok going into the finals and the trophy is coming right back here,” she declared.

When questioned about entering the finals against the St. Thomas’s primary school who has won all their watch with no team scoring a goal on them she responded “They haven’t beaten us before so why would we let them beat us now?”

The Observer also contacted sports Officer Kimbell Ward who said the matches has “been very good and very high quality.”

He noted that the Primary schoolsl Football championships represent a collaborated effort between the Department of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education.

He also noted that both teams reaching the finals have played very well, adding,  “One goal has scored against the Ivor Walters school team but no one has scored against the St Thomas primary school team.”

The Finals will be played at the Elquemedo  Willett Park in Charlestown at 3 p.m. Friday with the game lasting 40 minutes. The winner will be named Primary School Football Champion and will be awarded the championship trophy. 

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