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At press time Nevisian businessman Edric W. Stanley was recovering from multiple gun shot wounds at the Alexandra General Hospital.

Stanley was attacked by a lone masked gunman at around 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday as he walked to his nearby home one hundred yards away from his business.

“He shot me in the leg first. I ran. I fell. I told him I have no money. I wrestled with him. He tried to shoot me in the head but my wrestling interfered with his aim,” Stanley told The Observer while lying in his hospital bed. He wore an oxygen mask and bandages on his hand, stomach and leg.

“The fellow was out to kill me. After shooting me five times, he stood over me with the gun pointed at my stomach, that one was to finish me off. But thank God it didn’t fire,” the wounded businessman continued.

Stanley said a shout to his wife and the quick response by Mrs. Stanley and their two sons caused the gunman to flee.

I was bleeding profusely but I told them get I out of here get me to the hospital and Thank God they got me here as fast as they could.” Stanley said.

He had great praises for the Doctors and Nurses attending to him, “they are doing a good job”, he said smiling.

Meanwhile two of the radio stations VON Voice of  Nevis popular programme the morning devotion programme the morning hosted by Station Manager Evered Webbo Herbert an the On the Mark call in talk show  were dedicated to Mr. Stanley. Calling from both St. Kitts and Nevis call the station wishing Stanley a speedy recovery.

Police is questioning a St.Kitts man inconnection with the shooting.

Inspector Hilroy Brandy told the Observer Thursday that Citizens have been good in phone in tips and “We believe we will solve this one”.

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