Stapleton Police senior’s services embrace community members

Officers from the Stapleton Police Station offer well-being checks of seniors and other services.
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BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — The Police at the Stapleton Police Station have increased the number of elderly persons included in their Senior Service Programme. Launched in January, with four females, the Police Officers recently added two males and are hoping to identify two more.

Sergeant Charmaine Audain is the supervisor at the Stapleton Police Station. She and the other officers conduct regular community walk-throughs as part of The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force’s overall community policing initiative. They check in on older persons living in their district. Sergeant Audain explained that the persons in the Stapleton Police Senior Service Programme are identified as a result of that exercise.

“The staff gives feedback on who they think needs assistance – whether it is an elderly person who is living alone, does not have anyone to look for them, or has difficulty moving around,” explained Sgt. Audain. “This is also how we selected the two male officers, who are now a part of the programme, and how we will select the additional two.”

Although the staff at the station is small, the officers do anything they can to assist the community.

“We are one community. We do not see ourselves separate from the community,” said Sgt. Audain. “We are a part of it, and we are committed to looking out for the most vulnerable in our communities. “We do whatever we can, however we can, to ensure that is done.”

Officers in Stapleton assist persons involved in the programme by running errands, going to the health centre, and delivering care packages. Officers provide much appreciated company on their visits and spend time with them. Their well-being checks ensure that the persons are in good health.

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