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Dear Editor:

The Anglican Clergy on the island of Nevis notes with serious concern the state of affairs with regard to the rapid and alarming rise in criminal activity in our Federation.  The gravity of the situation on Nevis has certainly arrested the attention of all and sundry and is threatening the very freedom and social activity that our people are well known for.

We believe that the most important element of existence is that of the sanctity of life as endowed by our Creator, Almighty God, and that every effort should be made to protect and prolong the same.  It is with this in mind that we denounce and deplore all activities of crime and violence, especially those that incorporate the use of firearms resulting in the loss of life, and trauma experienced by the majority of the populace.

Many of our citizens and visitors are living in fear and are unable to perform and engage in their daily chores and responsibilities resulting in loss of revenue, fellowship, capacity building and general progress in life.  Families are suffering needlessly by the interruption and void created by the loss of loved ones to death or imprisonment.  Institutions and businesses are being terrorized and therefore forced to place pressure on employees and patrons in an effort to remain viable and productive.

It is clear that these have added to the strain and nervous tension being experienced by the large majority of our citizens and residents.

We therefore call upon all God-fearing citizens to turn to Almighty God and seek His guidance and deliverance.  We also call upon all law-abiding citizens to engage their efforts in removing this scourge from our homes, communities and institutions.  We encourage all to turn to those abiding values and principles upon which our communities and societies were founded; those in which the Church of God played and continue to play a vital and leading role in the shaping and maintaining of our communities.  We believe that in so doing, we are sure to arrest and destroy such satanic and alien intrusions.

Humbly submitted by

Canon Alson B. H. Percival

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