Isabel Palmer

My name is Isabel Palmer, aka Chela. I live at Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis, with five other relatives.  I have one child, Felix, age 24, who lives overseas.

I am aware of certain rumors that are circulating throughout the society and on Facebook, which suggest among other things, that I am, or was married to an individual from Low Street, Nevis,   in order to obtain my citizenship of St. Kitts-Nevis.  I wish to state that this is totally and absolutely FALSE!

I, Isabel Palmer, state categorically, and publicly, that I am NOT married and that I have NEVER BEEN MARRIED.  On January 12, 1995, I became a citizen of St Kitts-Nevis through DESCENT, and I migrated to Nevis the following year – already a citizen!  For anyone who cares to know more, my father, David Wallace, was born in Nevis but migrated to the Dominican Republic in the 1950’s.  He was related to well-known Nevisians,  such as the Pink Wallace and the Raffy Wallace families.

I further state that I have never ever had any relations – not casual, friendly, business, sexual, nor of any kind whatsoever – with this individual from Low Street, as is being maliciously said by some persons.  In fact, in the 20 years I have lived in Nevis, I have never ever had a conversation with this individual or taken or accepted anything from him.

For the record, I state that I have had problems with this individual from Low Street from around 2002, when he started cursing me and threatening my life, while at the same time, he seemed to have developed some sort of strange obsession over me. I believe these problems are related to the fact, that back then, I decided, after a while, to stop giving him food and drinks, as I realized he would get upset and curse me, whenever I did not give him when he asked.  Around this time, I lived at and operated a bar/snackette on the corner of Low Street and Main Street.

About 12 years ago, he physically attacked me and beat me up at this location at Low Street. I almost lost an eye from  one of the many blows he inflicted upon me. He was convicted of this assault, served a short period in prison, and was placed on some kind of 2-year bond.

On another occasion when he again attacked me, my son who was around  16 years old at the time, came to my rescue and received a stab wound.  My son spent a night in jail, while the police claimed to be investigating the incident.

On at least three separate occasions over the years, this individual has pelted stones into my home/bar on Main Street.  On one such occasion,  a stone just missed my head while I was in my bed, but I was struck by another near my ankle and had to seek medical attention at the hospital.

I have been cursed, threatened, chased and stalked by this individual over the years. I have lived in fear of my life over this individual for the past 14 years! Throughout all this ordeal, I have never ever responded or said a word to this individual, as I realized that he appears to be mentally unstable.  For most of these incidents,  I did call the Police for help, and at other times, I simply ignored him, out of shear frustration.   Despite the numerous verbal and/or written reports to the Charlestown Police Station and to other individual police officers over the years,  to the best of my knowledge, this individual has been brought before the Court only three times.

I have stated the above in all sincerity and to the best of my knowledge and hereby declare it to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I thank all who have given me, my son, and the rest of my family support now and over the many years, as we continue to live this nightmare and  I pray that no other human being experience such.

I am pleading on the relevant Authorities for HELP.

Isabel Palmer