Statement from Ms. Watisha Browne Reference ongoing Police Harassment.

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On Monday 24th July, 2016, at approximately 2.50pm, I was driving from Charlestown going across Jessups, passing the time, as I was waiting for a co-worker at Four Seasons to finish work, so I could collect some tips he was holding for me, as I am currently on vacation.  I run a Culturama Booth in the Village, and needed my tips to assist in purchasing stock.

When I got to Lowlands School, I decided to turn around my vehicle, by backing into the road to Paradise Beach, and then is when the Police saw my vehicle and came rushing at me.  I was brutally and roughly handcuffed, and taken into custody for questioning, without being told what for what reason, by the police Officer.

Since then I have learnt of the sad incident which resulted in Mr. Claxton losing his life down at Jessups Bay, and I wish to express my deepest condolences to those left to mourn, as well as to state here and now, that I have no connection, nor any involvement in this matter.  I just happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and was taken into custody because that is how our Police seem to do business. If they do not like you as a young person, they always look to stain your name, and reputation because it is so easy to do.  Meanwhile, while they are playing these games with young people’s lives for their personal reasons, the trail that could lead to the real guilty person, or persons, continue to get cold and disappear, until it becomes another unsolved mystery.

There are many false rumors circulating about my detention on that fateful and sad day.  Some say I was hiding out in the bushes on the beach, others say I was at Mangoes Bar, and could not say why I was there, and only God knows what else has been said about me.  ALL of these stories are false.  The explanation I just gave was reliably verified and proven by the police, and that is why they had to release me.  The co-worker who I was waiting to meet to collect my tips from, was interviewed without being able to collaborate with me, and he was able to confirm my story to the last detail, thank God.

The Officer of the Royal St. Kitts and Nevis Police Force, and I has had a personal previous history of close communications on whatsapp which was friendly, respectable, and amicable but then he turned nasty for reasons I am not able to explain.  As time wore on, I have been frequently targeted and harassed by the Police, and my father has been told by the police that they are treating me this way because of who my boyfriend is.  I feel that the Police should begin properly investigating who they feel are the criminals, and stop this practice of harassing girlfriends and family members.  My mother was previously assaulted and choked until she almost passed out, by this Officer during an early morning search of my parent’s home, which is a place where my boyfriend has never visited,nor lived.

The Police has their job to do, and I for one wish they could solve all of these murders and get the criminals off the streets but this practice of making a certain set of people look guilty because they do not like them and do not support their lifestyle, or who they are friends with, is not going to solve anything.  A Murderer can be anyone, and you cannot judge people just by what they wear, what they smoke, or drink, or even who they hang with. Many of these murders of our young people are taking place because Police like to grab up young people without proper investigation and without evidence, and then make everybody think they are somehow guilty, when the police are only operating on a whim and a fancy.  But the damage would have already been done and these same ones are then marked for revenge because of the carelessness and recklessness of the police.

We Need Prayer.

Watisha Browne

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