Last year's STEP fair at West Independence Square held in celebration of the government agency’s second anniversary.

West Independence Square will come to life from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday when the Skills Training Empowerment Programme hosts the STEP Health and Career EXPO 2020 to celebrate its third anniversary and showcase its achievements in the last three years.

“The Expo is an event that has been hosted over the last three years,” said coordinator of the EXPO 2020 organising committee, Mr. Ron Dublin-Collins, who is also the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Infrastructure et al. “It was first conceived to provide a greater awareness of career and job opportunities for the general public.”

The EXPO has helped businesses and organisations, including educational organisations, to come together to display areas persons can go into and to help them in their career path  according to the Permanent Secretary.

“However, this year the focus is on STEP to showcase its third anniversary,” he said. “While we have the complement of other institutions and organisations, the main feature is on STEP to highlight the works they have been doing in the area of skill development, and in new businesses that have emerged as a result of the STEP.”

Other members of the STEP EXPO 2020 organising committee are Mr. William Phillip, STEP’s Field Coordinator; Mr. Jason McKoy, STEP’s Field Officer; Mrs. Nicole Agard, Accounts Manager/Finance Officer with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure; and Mr. Ricky Bassue who is the Executive Officer with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

“The Unity Government is celebrating their fifth year in office, and they are having a number of activities. One of the activities we are having is going to be on Friday, where we are going to have an EXPO in the Independence Square. This EXPO will involve the STEP, which is celebrating its third anniversary, and Ministries of Health and Education. STEP works with the Ministry of Education through AVEC in particular because of the skill-based training institution that it is,” said Mr. Phillip, adding, “STEP’s focus now is more on training. We are not the People Employment Programme it was when it initially started. The Team Unity Government changed that three years ago and we are the Skills Training Empowerment Programme.”

STEP interns in many disciplines will showcase their activities, including trainees at AVEC in cosmetology and hospitality industries, interns at Ade’s Place, interns at the St. Kitts Association of Persons with Disabilities operating out of the McKnight Community Centre, STEP interns attached to Police/Fire/Custom services, Herbert Marine, farms, hydroponics farmers, poultry farmers, barber shops, crafts, and many more according to Mr. McKoy.