Still No Way Forward As Haiti Transitional Council Formation Is Stuck.

Photo: Pixabay. many children are hungry in Haiti, because gang warfare has interfered with distribution of food supplies.
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There is still no sign of a transitional council emerging in Haiti, in spite of Haitian leaders having been given 24 hours to name 7 people more than a week ago.

This strengthens the argument of opponents to the plan who say that Haiti is not capable of self government.

The media is reporting on the widespread indecision and confusion as to who is in charge and who will be in charge in Haiti.

Right now the gangs control Haiti, and have shut down the airport and seaport in , Port-au-Prince. Even the Central Bank is under siege in Haiti, according to recent media reports, and the BBC reports that an employee told an Agence France Presse reporter that Police in Haiti have killed at least three people while repelling an attack on the country’s central bank.

The names of who will be on the presidential transition council agreed on by the US and Caricom still have not been released, although it is understood that no one who is opposed to the Kenyan police intervention will be allowed to participate.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry who is apparently sitting out the conflict in Puerto Rico, has said his approval to the choices to the transitional council will be needed before he resigns.

The situation is so desperate that former US ambassador to Haiti Pamela White calls for giving former Cap Haitien police chief and convicted drug dealer and money launderer Guy Philippe a chance at reorganizing Haiti now that he has returned to Haiti after a spell in prison in the US.

The world press is trying to help readers understand how two countries that share the same island can be so different, when the Dominican Republic is compared to Haiti. However that requires a knowledge of more 200 years of history since the Haitian Revolution, which overthrew slavery and expelled the French colonial settlers.

Meanwhile, the media discreetly reports on efforts of countries to implement measures to impede Haitian immigration, at a time when protests continue to efforts in the DR, on the other side of the 391 km border, to block the arrivals of thousands of destitute people seeking a way of life they can no longer find in Haiti.

Elon Musk tweets that the border fence system built by the Dominican Republic to reinforce controls is “interesting.” President Abinader has invited Musk , one of the world’s richest men, to visit and learn more about the country.

“Our smart security fence initiative between the Dominican Republic and Haiti is indeed an interesting project that is being implemented as we speak, helping to keep our country secure” said Abinader.

“However, I think you’ll find our technological manufacturing capabilities in the free trade zones even more fascinating. We have a highly skilled workforce and robust infrastructure ready to support advanced manufacturing. I invite you to visit us in the DR whenever you’d like to see it for yourself and explore potential opportunities.,” President Abinader tweeted back to Musk.

Somos Pueblo, a TV station in the Dominican Republic  interviewed Haiti and Dominican Republic researcher Danny Shaw, professor of international relations at City University of New York, who explained there are nuances amidst the so-called gangs in Haiti.

He says these should not be called gangs. Rather they are paramilitary groups very similar to the Ton Ton Macoutes of days past., he said. He explained these groups are heavily armed with about a million weapons that have been shipped in from Florida. He explained how the paramilitary groups have created fiefdoms in Haiti.

Other reporters have said that it is relatively easy to buy weapons retail from arms dealers in the United States and to ship them to Haiti hidden in barrels of used clothing. Because customs are overwhelmed, many shipments of guns and ammunition are able to bypass customs inspections.

Sources: DR1, VOA, BBC.
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