By Monique Washington

Ordett Williams, a supporter of the Sugar-Hill String Band of Nevis, was surprised when band members donated to help pay her medical bills. Williams became ill late last year with an unknown ailment.

Last Saturday, during a presentation at Esmie’s Bar in Butlers, Williams told the Observer she had no idea what the band members planned.

“I got a call in the morning and someone told me to come to Esmie’s Bar,” Williams explained. “I told them I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it and they said, see you tonight.”

Williams has battled an undiagnosed illness since last October, in November she visited a doctor for the first time and was hospitalized for three weeks.

“One morning I woke up and had a cramp-like pain in my leg,” Williams said. “The pain got worse in November to the point it became difficult to work.”

After many visits to the doctor and an overseas trip for an MRI, Williams still has not been diagnosed. Since November, she has been unable to return to her job at the Charlestown Secondary School.

Williams has been following the Sugar-Hill String Band since they began playing over a year ago.

“I just love them, I love string band music, but there’s something about the Sugar-Hill String Band that catches me,” Williams explained. “I came here every Saturday before I got sick. I don’t know if it’s singing along with the music and the joyousness of the guys in the band, but I enjoy it all the time,”

She said band members have been very supportive. When she was at home sick, band members came to her house and played, “which really uplifted my spirits.”

Williams said she really appreciates what the band has done. Their donation will go toward her hospital bills.

Orville Storrod, a guitarist and vocalist with the band confirmed Williams has supported them for a long time.

“We realized we missed her and found out she was sick,” Storrod said. “We felt it was a good idea to present her with the donation at Esmie’s Bar, the first place she heard us play.”

The Sugar-Hill String Band has 14 to 15 members ranging from seven to 65 years old. Members come from throughout the islands to play in the band. The band began less than two years ago while playing at shops, where they would gather for a weekend “lime.” Their popularity grew and they soon began performing at events in St. Kitts and Nevis. The band’s next performance will be Saturday night at 8 p.m. at Esmie’s Bar in Butlers