Republic of China (Taiwan) treats Federation students well

    Taiwan’s Resident Ambassador, His Excellency Tom Lee (left) with Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education in St. Kitts and Nevis, William V.A. Hodge.’
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    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — St. Kitts and Nevis nationals studying in the Republic of China (Taiwan) are well taken care of by faculty and staff of the respective universities, which helps with the transition of living in a foreign country and adjusting to the different culture and customs.

    The sentiment was expressed by William V.A. Hodge, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education in St. Kitts and Nevis.’

    Hodge was part of a delegation led by Minister of Education, the Honourable Shawn Richards, who visited Taiwan in May 2018. While there, the delegation visited with nationals of the twin-island Federation pursuing academic studies at three different institutions.

    “They are surrounded by very caring professors,” the permanent secretary said, recalling that school officials participated in the meeting and spoke about the intellectual abilities of the students and how they are integrating into college life. He added that the students are very comfortable and often seek to extend their studies to pursue advanced degrees such as Masters or Ph.D degrees.

    Hodge also noted the “very strong connection” that Her Excellency Jasmine Huggins, St. Kitts and Nevis’ Resident Ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan) has with nationals there.

    “She knows the students very well and she is in touch with them regularly, so I think there is that sense of presence,” he said.

    Taiwan’s Resident Ambassador, His Excellency Tom Lee, added that each university has an international office responsible for “taking care of international students.”

    The ambassador highlighted the many benefits derived from studying in Taiwan, the high quality universities, and the flexibility of the scholarship programmes, and noted that “when they go to Taiwan to study they will never regret it.”

    Information about the scholarship programmes can be accessed online at

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