L-R Premier Vance Amory - Petula Skeet Awardee - Llewellyn Sunshine Caines Awardee - Dr Janice Sutton Awardee - Hon Timothy Harris Prime Minister

By S. Williams

 Llewellyn ‘Sunshine’ Caines, manager-owner of the internationally acclaimed Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill, was one of three Nevisians recognised at the 2017 Hearts and Hands for Nevis Inc’s annual luncheon.

The luncheon was held Sunday, Jan. 15 at the LaGuardia Airport Marriott in Queens New York, celebrated its 18th anniversary this month. Mr. Caines, alongside Ms. Petula Skeete and Dr. Janice Sutton were honored for their achievements and contributions to Nevis and the Diaspora.

Mr. Caines, better known as Sunshine, said he was moved by the recognition.

“I am very humbled that somebody recognized what I’m doing. I’m not doing it for the love of money. I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s an important thing to give and it comes back in abundance,” he said.

“We do stuff for the elderly, the less fortunate kids and just the island in general. Anytime there is a call for service I’m there,” he said.

Sunshine said he has had the restaurant for over 25 years. He started out with only $40 in St. Kitts at Frigate Bay and relocated to Nevis. When a hurricane damaged the Four Seasons Resort. There he started catering to the construction workers and his business grew despite damages from tropical storms and hurricanes. ba

“We’ve been blown away many times by hurricanes and strong seas,” Sunshine said.  “We’ve been pushed off and washed away but the people want me to be here so I’m here.”

The other awardees included Petula Skeete, four-time Emmy Award-winning hairstylist who works for ABC News’ Good Morning America, last year launched the #beautyFULL You Women’s Conference series in her birthplace of Nevis. Dr. Janice Sutton, Principal of George Washington Carver High School for the Sciences in Queens New York, is known as motivator extraordinaire and a strong advocate for science research.

Last year, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris delivered the Keynote Address at the non-profit organization’s luncheon. This year, Hearts and Hands for Nevis, Inc. extended an invitation for Dr. Harris to attend its 18th anniversary and submit a message for the Souvenir Journal that would be published for the occasion. The following is an excerpt from his message.

“Indeed, when our hearts and hands are engaged in meaningful service, there is no limit to what we can accomplish,” he said.

“I recognize, commend and salute Hearts and Hands for Nevis, Inc. for its sustained efforts in creating more awareness – through its Annual Honours Program – for the citizens and residents of our great Federation to understand how just one positive action built successively onto another over the course of a lifetime can help to build a country and influence the world,” he said.

“When we put our hands to work, the fruits of our industry and determination feed not only ourselves but also our communities, and give succour to those who need support. This year’s awardees contribute to the development of the local tourism and entertainment industries, the international beauty and television industries, women’s self-esteem and empowerment, as well as the world’s pool of scientific researchers.

“As we stand on the cusp of a new year, I wish you and your organization continued success in 2017 and beyond. May Hearts and Hands for Nevis, Inc. have many more annual luncheons and anniversaries like this one, where commitment and excellence are showcased and celebrated for the good of our country and humanity. God bless all of you!”

Hearts and Hands for Nevis, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1999. It is dedicated to positively affecting the lives of Nevisians and friends through service with integrity and excellence.