By Steve Thomas

Observer Nevis Editor

(Charlestown, Nevis) – High seas kept people off beaches late last week as waves pounded Nevis, doing damage in a number of areas including downtown Charlestown and Oualie Beach.

Some boats and docks were damaged, but there were no report of injuries.

“I don’t know of any severe damage done,” said Lester Blackett, director of the Nevis Disaster Management Department. “It doesn’t seem it was extensive.”


On March 20, weather conditions led Mr. Blackett to issue a warning: “”We are advising persons to stay away from the beach especially persons who normally bathe in the sea. Small craft operators should remain on shore or get safe harbour. The waves are very significant and it is affecting the Samuel Hunkins Drive way and the areas surrounding the TDC parking lot. We are advising persons to be particularly cautious during this period and we are expecting the heavy swells to continue into today and tomorrow.”


There was some damage at Fisherman’s Pier in downtown Charlestown. To the north, at Oaulie Beach, some boats and a jetty were damaged.

Despite the heavy rainfall last weekend, a meteorological observer at the Vance Amory International Airport said the overall precipitation for Nevis this year was about average, though it varies across the island. Describing the island as having several “micro-climates,” the observer said that in general, the higher the elevation on Nevis, the more rain is received.


According to Mr. Blackett, the department issues emergency warnings through television, radio and the internet when dangerous situations arise, but citizens should stay informed about climatic conditions.

“Persons need to, as a matter of course, pay attention to the weather forecast,” he said.