By Suelika N. Buchanan

The Observer

In most people’s eyes Sweet Sister Sensia is considered to be the top ranking DJ in the Federation.

Now, she prepares to prove she has no equal in the DJ international arena too, as she heads to the U.S. to play in a couple of gigs.

Imagine that! Who would have guessed that in a male dominated field, a sweet, intoxicating, candid young woman would simply just take over.

What is it about her that makes her no. 1 in most people’s eyes?

For instance, observe a dance on a regular Friday night, with other top DJs present and playing.

Then observe the people’s reaction when they hear who is about to play — Sister Sensia — immediately everyone grabs their drink their man or woman and head to the dance floor.

Lady Saw said it best, “Women ah go run dis country in the 21st century.” Sensia along with other females who keep doing their “thing” in the entertainment industry are certainly living proof of it!

Now let’s take a closer look at this Queen of all DJs, who is certainly rising to the occasion.

Born to musician Mic Stokes, former Road March winner and Pamela Nolan, Sensia got her start at the radio station known as Sugar City Rock several years ago.

She quickly became a popular radio personality. She took that radio stardom and leaped into the party scene to become a DJ.

With contacts made from her radio shows, she began playing in local clubs and and got invited to various countries to display her talents. Such countries include, Anguilla, Montserrat, Tortola, St. Maarten and this Summer she travelled to New York.

Sensia says she owes it all to the people who have been supporting her and believing in her throughout her career.

Those people include Cable & Wireless, who she signed a contract with early this year, Eversley Liburd, a native of St. Kitts hailing from Cayon who now resides in New York.

According to Sensia he has kept his promises and is the reason why she is able to play on the international market.

“We met in 2004, and from that we developed a good friendship, and he always told me he would send for me to play in New York and he has kept his promise, he’s my boy for life,” she said.

Sensia will again be travelling to New York next Wednesday Nov. 16 to play at a club in the Bronx that following weekend and recently found out that on that same weekend she will be playing in North Carolina. She owes all of this exposure and opportunity to Liburd… who has been promoting her in New York.

“He plans to open a club next year and says that he will have been playing up there at least once a year, at first people discouraged me from him but I didn’t listen and look at where I am today,” she said.

The DJ also thanks her parent for being there loving and supportive of whatever she does, she has equally been blessed with attributes from them.

“I get my sweet loving personality form my mom and my talent from my dad, and there you have it—Triple S — Sweet Sister Sensia,” she said.

So what’s new with this lady DJ?

Everything is new, she said. Sensia is quick to talk about her love for travelling, music and that special rock in her life she calls her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend respects the life I’m living and supports what I do 100 percent. He is there for me and his support and love is important to me,” she said.

What about a family? Stokes smiles and her bright eyes light uo.

“Of course! But not right now, not at this stage in my life but eventually.”

With a newly bought Sound System, and going under the name Trendsetters sounds, Sensia says being the lone female DJ in St. Kitts is exhausting.

“It’s me alone and I need help. I prefer women, beecause the industry is already dominated by males and I rather have females who are interested in learning the business be apart of my Sound System,” she said.

In her CD player right now is “Serious Times” by Gyptian of which Stokes said the song speaks for itself

“We living in serious times right now, I also don’t like the ‘war-ring’ of DJ’s we should all try and live as one, the ‘war-ring’ between sounds is uncalled for,”

Sensia aims to be the world’s best female DJ. She wants to be known world wide and travel on regular regional and international gigs. However, until that time it’s more money and more life as she continue doing what she does best.

“My experience, has brought me a long way, I’m learning and picking up stuff and adjusting to people, so I’ll continue what I’m doing watching and learning and I’ll also like to thank DJ Yardy for teaching me a thing or two,” she said.