So many atrocities in this world would have been averted if persons with a voice had only taken an early stand and called wrong wrong and sought to redress the situations at hand. Adolph Hitler may not have killed 6 million Jews and World War II might not have happened had persons in Germany and the powerful nations of the day spoken up early and had taken a stand. The Grenadian Revolution of 3rd March, 1979 and the American invasion of October 25, 1983 may have been avoided if persons in Grenada, the region and the world spoke up and had taken a stand to the repressive and dictatorial practices and behavior of Prime Minister Eric Gairy. In 1970 Gairy formed a private army called the Mongoose Gang. The existence of this notorious gang was never admitted. November 18, 1973 Maurice Bishop and two other members of the New Jewel Movement, which was a coalition of several opposition parties in Grenada, were severely beaten by the Mongoose Gang. Bishop was imprisoned by Gairy for protesting his dictatorial behavior. Seeing the dictatorial tendencies of Gairy and fearing that he might declare himself ruler for life, a committee of 22 churches, trade unions and civil organizations was formed. January 1, 1974 the committee called a general strike. The marchers were attacked by police and the Mongoose Gang. Several persons were injured and Rupert Bishop, the father of Maurice Bishop, was killed. Gairy won the November 7, 1976 election by gerrymandering the boundaries and placing his hench men and cronies to manage the elections in all constituencies. Can we see any similarities between what happened in Grenada during the 1970s and St. Kitts and Nevis today? Can one expect our local army to admit to a special force? Eric Gairy became bosom friends with Augusto Pinochet of Chile who advised him on how to deal with opponents. Denzil Douglas was friends with Muammar Gaddafi. Both Pinochet and Gaddafi were accused of killing thousands of their citizens up to the point of their death. Douglas and Gaddafi were so close that following the last federal election, Douglas rushed off to North Africa, answering a call from Gaddafi. So hurry Douglas was to hear what Gaddafi had to say that he left St. Kitts and Nevis without a government. We are almost in the pre-revolutionary days of Grenada but who will take a stand for what is right and just? One of our leading lawyers has taken a stand. That is one out of so many. Some of the others have said that they do not want to speak on the local political situation because they want to be available to advise the Prime Minister and Governor General if they are asked. What advice could they give them except that the Prime Minister has broken every rule and convention and that he should be removed from office? What about our business leaders, churches and other members of civil society? The actions of Prime Minister Douglas especially for the last eight months, are actions which are akin to actions of dictators and tyrants. Nowhere else in the democratic world can the expressed majority in parliament be held at bay by a minority and for so long. Government has proven itself to be dictatorial and such tyrany must be immediately removed from office before greater damage is done to the reputation of St. Kitts and Nevis. There is no excuse for a no-confidence motion to take 8 months and still not be heard. Not one authority supports Douglas’ position. 6 of 11 members of Parliament have indicated that they will support the no confidence motion therefore the vote is already in. Douglas cannot legally pass even one measure in parliament with the absence of the members of the opposition. When the opposition members are absent, Douglas does not have the three fifths percentage required by the constitution to pass any measure. St. Kitts and Nevis must take a stand to the tyrants in the land. Take a stand and push the tyrants out and return democracy to St. Kitts and Nevis.