By Shanique Richards

St. Kitts Reporter

The activities for Dental Health Week and Oral Health Month will be collaborated between Colgate and the dental clinics of St. Kitts and Nevis. The Newtown Dental Clinic and the Charlestown Dental Unit celebrate Dental Health Week after the programme had been inactive for the past few years.

These activities will be taking place in over 70 countries around the world. The week runs from October 22-27, 2007.

This year, Colgate through its distributor Ram’s Trading Ltd. will be observing October as Oral Health Month under the theme Working Together for Healthy Smiles.  This now enables the dental clinics to offer an open day on Saturday. The general public is invited to attend as free dental examinations will be given and Colgate toothpaste samples will be distributed.

Persons will also be educated about oral health care and dental hygiene. Also, in an effort to support the free clinics, certain Colgate products will be selected to be on special in leading stores to encourage the use of quality oral care products and good oral health practices.

A release by Ram’s Trading Ltd, says the objective of Oral Health Month is to promote positive oral health practices by creating a platform to highlight the benefits of good dental hygiene and oral careî.

The Observer spoke to Dr. Randy Liburd, a dentist at the Newtown Health Clinic, who gave a briefing about what they hope to achieve from this year’s Dental Health Week.

“Dental Health Week allows us the opportunity to educate and motivate the general public about good dental hygiene and reinforce the dental practices that they should be aware of. Having Dental Health Week in collaboration with Colgate allows us to offer more to the public this year and we hope that everyone takes advantage of the opportunity,” he said.

He also stated that after examinations, patients will be informed about what needs to be done to have good oral hygiene and dental health care. Then the information will be taken back to Colgate and in later programmes they will sponsor the areas where there is greater need for attention.

Liburd also said that a part of Dental Health Week, members of the clinics visited primary schools and spoke to children and distributed sample packets. Also, through the clinic’s puppet, Dr. Rabbit, students were taught how to brush and floss and encouraged to trust the dentist as their friend.