Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris Leader of Team Unity

Story By  Kenneth Williams

Editor in Chief/Publisher

The Opposition St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party has been telling its supporters and the nation that Team Unity is a government is in crisis.  They say the crisis exists in the Cabinet and some Ministers are even demanding the removal of Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris from office.

In a series of press releases, the Opposition Party painted a dismal future for Team Unity.  One press release, issued by Erasmus Williams, quoted a never-heard-of-before “special correspondent” in Antigua, reporting about a Cabinet Retreat that took place in Basseterre. The source reported the “Retreat” will be attended by Grenada Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, who attended meetings of the OECS Assembly; and the ECCB Monetary Council, joined by former Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Sir James Mitchell; and Leader of the Opposition in Barbados the Hon. Mia Mottley.

According to Mr. Williams, the three eminent Caribbean politicians were assembled to coax Cabinet members not to vote to oust Dr. Harris from the office of Prime Minister.  This is not so according to Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Shawn Richards. He said when he heard those reports he thought he was listening to reports from some distant land.

Mr. Richards said, “I am the leader of the People’s Action Movement and an integral part of Team Unity.  Remember we were Team Unity for two years before the elections.”

“We have history together. The team is unified.”

Prime Minister Harris said the main reason Dr. Mitchell, Ms. Mottley and Sir James Mitchell acted as facilitators for Team Unity’s first Cabinet Retreat was to give Cabinet Members and new members the benefit of experiencing these events.

The head of the Concerned Citizen Movement and a part of Team Unity The Hon.Vance Amory took the Opposition to task. In an exclusive interview on Thursday with The Observer,Hon. Amory said there are no problems or disagreements within the Team Unity Cabinet and no justification for wasting time on the topic. He described the statements as malicious and calculated to create apprehension about disaffection and confusion. He discredited such claims as nonsense.

Hon. Amory described the camaraderie among members as ‘great.’  “The Team Unity Government Ministers are hard at work, doing the people’s business in trying to restore the country’s dignity and govern the people properly,” he said. “Team Unity is seeking to restore transparency, the principle of collective responsibility and those other important values which are imperative for the good governance of the country.”

Harris said the Ministers are working to ‘re-establish a professional Public Service, respect for law and order. He said the respect for our Constitution and other Institutions of our Country are matters which are paramount to Cabinet membersof the Team Unity Government. Those are some of our common objectives and goals for the people and the future prosperity and stability of our Country.’