By Stanford Conway

The Observer

A young man is currently in custody assisting police with their investigations into a stabbing incident involving a male student of Basseterre High School.

According to recently appointed Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Acting Superintendent Sidwin Browne, the police arrested 17-year-old Shawn Phillips last Monday and has him in custody pending investigations into the wounding of Royden Peets, a student of Basseterre High School.

Browne said it was reported that the 16-year-old student was attacked by a young man, identified as Shawn Phillips, also known as Handsome, and stabbed in the region of his lower back within the eastern section of the Basseterre High School’s campus last week Friday.

He noted that no charges have been laid against Phillips but investigations were ongoing.

According to Principal Wayland Vaughn, Peets was among students of Basseterre High, who were engaged in a beautification project of the school, on the day of the incident.

“Right after the clean up, the students were relaxing after a hard work day and some guy came from off the campus and attacked one of the students and, as a result of that, he suffered a wound in his back. He was taken to the hospital for medical attention,” Vaughn said in a WINN FM interview.

He added that the incident was an unfortunate one since it marred “such a good, hard-working and successful day.”

However, when visited at the Joseph N. France General Hospital, Peets told The Observer that he was seated on his bicycle when he was stabbed following an altercation between two of his friends and the accused.

“Handsome was fighting with two of my friends…one of them does attend the same school like me. I told them to stop fighting and Handsome pulled out a 12-inch kitchen knife and my friends started running. He ran behind them but he didn’t catch them and when he returned he stabbed me in my back and ran away,” Peets said.

Peets, who resides at Salt Pond Alley in McKnight, said he felt elated on hearing that the police had arrested Handsome and he was looking forward to see justice being done.

The fifth form student also said that the wound had caused him excruciating pains and, at times, he found it difficult to carry on lengthy conversations with his relatives, friends and schoolmates, who often visit him.

He added that he was very concerned with the after effects of the wound and hoped it would not hinder his success at next year’s CXC, where he intends to write Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Woodwork, as a foundation to his career as a mechanic.