Ten More Convicts Face Slammer

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By Trisha La Place

The Observer

The September criminal assizes came to an end on Nov. 10, with 10 new prisoners added to Her Magesty’s Prison.

During the September assizes Justice Francis Belle sentenced Devon Albertine to 18 months for inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Stanford Williams was found guilty of house breaking with intent and possession of items fitting for house breaking along with Otis Gillard. Both received three years.

Andrea Greene was sentenced to four years for arson.

Anderson Hendricks was sentenced five years in prison for house breaking,

Roger Belle and Kebo Hanley both received eight years imprisonment for attempted murder.

Leopold Joseph was charged with dangerous driving and fined $4,000 and had his license suspended for six months.

Maurice Kelly Fraites was sentenced to 12 months in prison for indecent assault upon a minor.

Also, Denrick Hazel was fined $3,000 for indecent assault upon a minor.

With the addition of the new prisoners the prison now holds 202 prisoners, with 198 males and four females, said Chief Officer Alvin Vasquez

The prison is now extremely over populated, Superintendent Franklyn Dorsett said.

“Her Majesty’s Prison is much better compared to other Caribbean islands,

What people of this Federation need to understand is that they cannot speak about something with out travelling to another country,” Dorsett said. “And then speak of its downfall, St. Kitts’ prison is one of the best in the Caribbean and that’s a known fact.

“All the British Islands prisons are in much better shape compared to other island’s because these prisons are newly built. I must admit therefore that the prison is extremely over populated but that is not something that prison officers like myself can do something about.

“They do the crime once convicted they have to do the time,” Dorset said.


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