Terminus Trott Talk by Amba Trott
This is the last of my commentaries before the election on Monday, Feb., 16. I have no doubt that if things are done properly, the results will signal the end of the line for the Denzil Douglas stronghold on the Federal Administration and his lengthy reign as the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis. But that’s only if things are done properly. At this moment, on the eve of the election there isn’t even the slightest indication that things are going to be done properly. As a result, I have absolutely no confidence in the integrity of the officials in charge of conducting the elections. In fact, I am seriously concerned that massive fraud will be attempted by some individuals under Douglas’ control to swindle the electorate out of their true choices on election day. I know that is not a nice sentiment to be expressing about fellow nationals, but it is a feeling that has steadily grown ever since the ‘null and void’ Nevis Island Election of 2011. Many other Nevisians feel the same way. The trouble is, after Pastor Leroy Benjamin was forced to resign in disgrace from his position as Superintendent of Elections for St. Kitts and Nevis, a new Supervisor of Elections was appointed by Denzil Douglas. After a short period that person was reputed to have become ill and another person was then appointed to fill the slot. For a moment it seemed like a reverse version of musical chairs was taking place, only without the music. Even if there had been music, it certainly was not reassuring to the general public’s perception of things. Suspicion arose about the nature of the illness and also about the integrity of the persons who were chosen by Denzil Douglas to fill such a critical and sensitive position. As I write, the voters list for this election has not yet been produced, the Boundaries question is still up in the air, and as far as I can see, this Supervisor of Elections has not shown himself to be any improvement over the one who allowed all the shenanigans that marred the 2011 elections. I’d better not say anymore. I’m too upset. Words fail me. And so for the moment, or rather, until after the elections, I will simply say that this is the end of the line. I’m hoping to be able to soon say the same in reference to the Denzil Douglas Administration. Ciao!