Avril Elliott

By Monique Washington

Maude Crosse Preparatory School students Alexa Liburds Walwyn and Carlon Tuckettewere top “Test of Standards” performers in results released this week.Last year, Maude Crosse Preparatory School also produced the two top students on the island, Jayden Dore and Patrice Nisbet II.

The top 10 students on the island were: Alexa Liburds Walwyn,Maude Crosse Preparatory; Jahkela Barrett, Charlestown Primary; Brianne Chapman, St. Thomas Primary; Julissa Griffin, Joycleyn Liburd Primary; Sarahi Archibald, Charlestown Primary; Tnajhe Jeffers, St.Thomas; Carlon Tuckette, Maude Crosse Preparatory; Jada John, Nevis Academy; Alexander Caines, Maude Crosse Preparatory; and Richonne Westerman, Charlestown Primary.

On Wednesday,Nevis Education Officer, Avril Elliott congratulated the top students on the island who sat for the June exam.

Alexa Liburd-Walwyn, who attends Maude Crosse Preparatory School, was the top student in Social Studies,in Mathematics; Overall Best-girl; and the Overall top-student in the 2016 Test of Standards with an 90.58 percent average. Carlon Tuckette, also of Maude Crosse Preparatory School was top boy with an 83.67 percent average.

Jahkela Barrett, Charlestown Primary was the top scorer in Language Arts; Jaden Liburd, Charlestown Primary, tied with Walwyn as a top placer in Mathematics; T’ya Kelly, Ivor Walters; and T’najhe Jeffers, St. Thomas’ were top placers in Science.

Education Officer Elliott commended the “principles, teachers, parents and well-wishers who worked tirelessly to ensuring that these students reached the level they have today.”

The St. Kitts and Nevis Ministry of Education administers the test in four subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. More than 3,000 Federation students took the tests this year. Education officials refer to the test as a “key placement exam.”

According to the ministry,“the ‘test of standards’ is administered to all students of grades three through six each year, and is taken simultaneously at all primary and private schools. For grade six students the results of this test are used almost exclusively as the yardstick by which to measure students’ ability to perform at the secondary level, and accordingly, to place students in the first form of the secondary school.”