Just two words, and Oh! How much do they really mean?

From the struggling blind lady who is helped across the road by a teen-aged boy who just happened to be there.

From the parent whose child who was protected from the angry, barking dogs as he passed the neighbourÕs yard.

From the mother whose lone birthday gift came late in the afternoon from the son she thought never cared.

The car owner whose opened mouth expressed relief as the strong steel-like hand reached across and fetched the firmly struck cricket ball, the moment it was about to crash into the windshield.

From the teacher whose missing report book was found and returned by an innocent student who found it in the bushes, torn and with pages missing.

From the merchant whose only sale for the day came two minutes before he closed for the day.

From the father whose enjoyable meal came at the end of a toiling day at work, knowing fully well he left an unwell wife at home and nothing to cook.

The student who surprisingly got passing grades at his most feared subject, he knew his prayers were answered.

The minister who gleefully responds knowing fully well that fraud helped him achieve that goal.

From the patient lying on the hospital bed, she survived yet another day of pain and anguish.

From the police who knew that without the assistance given by the witness, the stolen property would not have been recovered.

From the mother of a toddler who strayed into the busy road and was brought back to safety by a complete stranger.

From the nurse whose caring hands reached out to accept an award. Fifty years of service, sacrifice and appreciation were indeed here. Many supported the occasion.

Yes! Those words ÒThank YouÓ.