Thanks A Bunch: Bermuda Now A Banana Republic Again.

Photo: Bermuda Government. Bananas are back in Bermuda. Acting DENR Director Terry Lynn Thompson (foreground) and importer Mr. Roland ‘Junior’ Hill with some of the shipment of bananas.
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A long awaited shipment of bananas has finally arrived in the former Colony of Bermuda.

Although inspections are ongoing by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the bananas checked so far have been clean and pest free. Some of the examined bananas have already been delivered to local grocery stores.

Bananas had been off the table in Bermuda since late January due to problems with infected bananas arriving from overseas.

This has caused a culinary crisis in the Mid-Atlantic archipelago due to the fact that a favorite cooked breakfast in Bermuda consists of codfish and boiled potatoes, served with sliced sweet banana.

“The number of live mealybug and mealybug eggs found was alarmingly high and posed a serious risk to Bermuda’s banana industry, local crops, and ornamental plants,” explained the Minister of Home Affairs the Hon. Walter Roban JP MP.

The new bananas arrived in a 40 foot container in varying stages of ripeness. DENR expects that there will be plenty of bananas available for purchase and consumption from grocery stores and restaurants in the next few days.

Roban praised the importer for efforts to get bananas bunched in grocery store stores again and hoped that there would be no slip-ups.

“This has been a long process, but due to the persistence of the importer, Mr. Roland ‘Junior’ Hill of J&J Produce, we now have bananas back on the shelves for all to enjoy. While the bigger suppliers gave up on bananas, the farmer, Mr. Hill, did not and he succeeded.”

“Kudos also to the DENR personnel involved in examining this shipment. Their meticulous inspection procedures are necessary, to ensure the safety of Bermuda’s environment.”

Further information regarding this shipment of bananas will be provided at an 11am press conference, Wednesday, August 12th at DENR headquarters in the Botanical Gardens.

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