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If all things were equal, one would expect that once every seven years, the world would experience what it experiences within the past week when Old Year’s Day was a Saturday and New Year’s Day is a Sunday.  The year ended on the last day of the week and the new one started on the first day of the week.  The fact that the world had to wait 10 years since 2006 for the stars to line up to make this happen simply confirms what we always knew – that the world is not an evenly balanced place.  The best that we can hope for, therefore, is for our fair share. We know too that in all things and everything we should give thanks to the Almighty God.

In that regard, we give thanks to our many advertisers – businesses and persons –  who have faithfully advertised with us and who have helped to make us the newspaper that we are today.  We give thanks too, to our many contributors who have shared opinions and information with us so that we, in turn can educate and inform you, our readership.  Mostly, we appreciate the loyalty of our readership.

This is Issue No. 1158 of our paper. That is, we are in our 23rd year of publication. God has taught us to number our days, and He has lengthened them for us. For this we are also very thankful. To paraphrase a quote we have seen, we are only one newspaper,  but still we are one. We cannot do everything, but still we can do something. What we can do we should do, and what we should do, by the grace of God, we will do.   Amen.

The lining up of the stars makes 2017 special.  How special it will become depends on all of us. So we pray for tolerance and we pray for peace.  May all that we do as a newspaper, as a people, as a nation cause us all to be more productive.

Happy and Prosperous 2017 to all!

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