From slave trader to abolitionist – Sandy Point, home of World Heritage Site Brimstone Hill Fortress, (built for the British by the blood & sweat of slaves), is the setting for the dramatic transformation of John Newton, a foul-mouthed slave trader who experienced an epiphany that began his journey from human trafficker into an evangelical Anglican cleric and abolitionist. Along with his dramatic change of heart came the creation of perhaps the most well-known and oft-sung inspirational hymn of all time! On St. Kitts, you will discover the story of John Newton and the history behind the song “Amazing Grace”. You will also learn more about the tropical island paradise – St Kitts. You will be inspired to continue Newton’s fight by discovering more about slavery in today’s world. Come and discover more of this amazing story whilst visiting the Caribbean island of St Kitts (also known as St Christopher). Join an Island Tour and learn more of our history. The Amazing Grace Experience is currently sponsored by a UK Christian Family owned business, (Transpakship – International movers & storers) who for over forty years have business connections with St. Kitts and other Caribbean Islands. The aim is not to place on a pedestal a white slave trader ‘John Newton’ but rather to link the hymn – Amazing Grace with the shores of St Kitts. Both locals and visitors alike can afford a visit to the new center and understand the connection between the song and St Kitts. The transforming change that happened in the bay of Sandy Point helped strengthen the fight against the Slave Trade through men such as William Wilberforce. Browse for Amazing Grace Lyrics, Facts, Documentary and Song and learn more by visiting the centre situated in Sandy Point, St. Kitts.