The Bitter Taste Of Red Kool-Aid Editorial
Many of our citizens are beginning to realize that the sugar-laced red Kool-Aid they had been gorging on over the past few years, was in fact laced with poison. One by one people who should have left impeccable legacies are being written into the history books of the Federation in bold red ink- a stain on the story of the twin islands. Some drank the Kool-Aid for the power it seemed to give as it coursed through their veins, permeating every cell like a cancer. Others drank it for the itch it gave their palms as money flowed to them with ease and frequency. The most gullible drank to be part of the crowd, to show their support and full confidence in the one serving up the red concoction. Did none get a whiff of a funny odor coming from the red Kool-Aid? Were all of these ‘upstanding’ citizens so taken in by the instant gratification of the red Kool-Aid that they ignored the ramifications of the toxic brew? The Jim Jones camp mentality was and is alive and well in St. Kitts and Nevis, but instead of seeking salvation, the Kool-Aid drinkers were seeking fame, riches, and power. The sweetness is beginning to wear off their tongues and they are now experiencing the effects of the slow acting poison. Some are languishing away slowly; some died a swift death once the sugar dissipated. Others bear the scars from the poison’s symptoms; they walk with heads bowed, unable to meet the gaze of people they once looked down upon. As we look at their tarnished legacies unfolding we should all say a prayer for those who, unwittingly or with full cognizance of what they were doing, drank the red Kool-Aid and are now paying the ultimate price.