The Falkland Islands: Where You Can Witness Penguins, Antarctic Seals, Whales, Albatrosses, And Much More. Even A Never Ending War Of Words Between Britain And Argentina.

Map of the Falkland Islands
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First, some history. The Falkland Islands were first sighted in 1591 by Captain John Davis. Two years later, in 1593, they were mapped by Sir John Hawkins, another naval commander. Not long after, following the seven years war, Louis Antoine de Bougainville brought French and Acadian settlers to the Falklands. A village is still named Fort Louis in his honor.

There are thousands of penguin colonies in the Falklands.

Official flag of the Falkland Islands.
Penguin Colonies
a common sign in Argentina’s cities and villages asserting the country’s sovereignty over the Falklands. (Malvinas is the Spanish name for the Falklands).
A statue dedicated to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, also known as the Iron Lady. She dispatched British troops to the Falklands after the islands were invaded by the Argentine military.
A memorial in Ushuaia honoring Argentine soldiers who lost their lives during their country’s vain attempt to annex the Falkland Islands.
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