The forest or the trees?

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The Prime Minister and the leader of PAM, Lindsey Grant, may have done the proper thing by not commenting on the extradition of Noel Heath and Glanroy Matthew while the case was in the court.

Now that the matter is concluded and the both men are gone, it might be appropriate for an explanation as to why Government chose to go the route it did.

In deciding on this matter the government no doubt took into consideration the sovereignty of St. Kitts and Nevis as an independent country and made their decision based not on fear of reprisal but simply because there was no other recourse to justice.

Whether or not the United States has the evidence to prove that these two sons of our soil did conspire to import a large quantity of cocaine into the United States will only be known at a trial where he who asserts must prove.

While our attention was focused on Heath and Matthew, large quantities of cocaine and marijuana continue making their way to our shores.

The bandits know that the police force is undermanned and especially in Nevis, where the it is operating with less than half of the required manpower. So now Nevis is the “transshipment point ” of choice.

Almost on a weekly basis at least two small boats travel from the Winward Islands to our shores loaded with many kilos of these poisons.

In December about 200 kilograms of cocaine was part of the amount on St. Kitts and Nevis. It is like what merchants would do, the guys stocked up for Christmas.

Late January, early February, 800 lbs of weed was brought into Nevis. A small amount ended up in the hands of police. The Observer will wait for an invitation to the burning of the amount the police got.

The extradition case went on for years, a decade now. Miller surrendered in 2000. Since the radar has been on these men, there are no less than a hundred young men who call themselves dealers. Some are young fellows who stand on the corner and get you a twenty-dollar amount and if you drive through some areas more than once, you may be stopped and told you could get whatever you want.

People who deal in drugs do so off the sweat and blood of others and the country as a whole have an obligation to rid us of these criminals. They all must be caught and dealt with accordingly.

We believe that more effort is needed to get drugs off the streets. The government needs to put more resources into crimefighting.

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