The Haitian Director Turning Heads in Hollywood

Roodmy Poulard
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by Jerry Doby,

Hype Magazine

Storytelling is a vast art, you can tell your tale in a thousand different ways and each one will be a unique take.

Roodmy Poulard, a former choreographer, has transitioned into the field of directing and cinematography. Poulard is a creative powerhouse and while he used to express his artistry through dance before, he has since moved to the camera and captures stories, and moments.

Using a particular colour palette – that reminds Poulard of his home back in Haiti -, and highlighting the virtues of passion, discipline and joy, Poulard has set himself apart from his peers and created works that are very uniquely his.

His earliest work behind the camera was for shooting music videos. Poulard started making a name for himself by directing music videos, and an offer for a documentary came to him, and he accepted. This offer was for filming the documentary for the then Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. After wrapping up this project Poulard flew to South Africa to film another politically charged documentary.

In 2015, he moved to New York to pursue his career as a director and cinematographer. In New York, Poulard worked with B.E.T and the renowned photographer and director Marc Baptiste became his mentor.

Around this time, Baptiste and Poulard did a project with Quincy Brown. Impressed with the work, Brown encouraged Poulard to continue pursuing his ambitions as a director, and to move to Los Angeles to broaden his horizons.

Poulard did end up going to Los Angeles, initially it was just for a couple of weeks for a meeting. But the two weeks have rolled on to three years and Poulard has set up his home and company here. Poulard founded Poulard Films to find more collaborative opportunities and to have a solid base from where he could pursue independent projects.

In his early days in Los Angeles, Poulard’s work caught the attention of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, and became one of the go-to cinematographers for the Revolt TV’s founder’s upcoming projects. Moving to Hollywood turned out to be a good move on Poulard’s side, because here he was able to reach more places with his work, and did projects with streaming giants like Netflix, Pandora, Revolt, and HBO.

When asked about his inspiration behind his works, Poulard told us, “Hope. Hope is a beautiful thing and it inspires me to keep on working. Of course every project has its own themes and ideas, but underneath it all is my hope and aspirations. I hope I can prove to the world that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you work hard you can achieve everything you have your heart set on.

“I am from Haiti and we don’t have as many resources as someone from the states. Even electricity is a luxury in Haiti, but I had big dreams and was willing to work for them, and that has brought me to where I am. I hope that my work and efforts give hope to someone else.”.

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