The Lone Sailor Who Set A World Record By Crossing The Oceans For Over Three Years Without Sight Of Land.

The author and Reid Stowe in his art gallery
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TRAVEL: by Eric Mackenzie Lamb

A few weeks ago, through a mutual acquaintance, I met Reid Stowe, about whom, being a sailor myself, I had long read about and admired.

His yacht, named Anne after his mother, he had built himself. The gaff rigged schooner was 70 feet long and 16 feet wide, made of steel and fiberglass. It took him one and a half years to complete it.

Reid’s schooner

Before departing from New York, he loaded six tons of non perishable food to feed himself. He set sail in April, 2007, and proceeded across the Atlantic towards Cape Horn and the Pacific Ocean. He returned to New York 1,152 days later.

Did he encounter any dangerous weather? Yes, he replied. On one occasion, his vessel was struck by an enormous wave which turned it upside down. Luckily, the yacht righted itself and he suffered no injuries.

Reid Stowe in front of a painting he made using one of the sails used on his journey

Recently, he reached out to Elon Musk with the hope that together they could form a company called Mars Analogue. Its purpose was to train future astronauts to survive long periods in outer space. He is still waiting for a response.

A truly amazing story. And, hopefully, an inspiration to others.

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