Minister of Communication Alexis Jeffers

It is not normal that we salute a Minister of Government here in the Federation.  We are forced though to recognise and analyse the sterling contribution to our islands from a political servant who have excelled.  Now politics is the art of the possible and other politicians especially those who have been elected to office must serve, serve and serve.  To reward service as a Minister one has to go beyond his peers and literally and figuratively drown them.  Here in Nevis during 2016 we have seen but one Minister.  That Minister has been through his own willingness to serve and the abandonment or otherwise absence from Nevis of his fellow ministers the go-to man in Nevis for the delivery of government.  It is not his fault that he was not elected to the Federal Parliament.  It is not his fault or his decision that his fellow ministers have taken jobs in St.Kitts and have daily trudged the shark-infested waters and left the motherland, Nevis high and dry.   It is also not his fault that they seem to come up short on looking after the Nevis people’s interest.  The Minister of the year has been the Minister of EverythingNevisian for the entire 2016 carrying over from 2015.

Recall that in Nevis the only sign of government is the road construction programme and the housing starts.  This Minister is the Minister of Communications Works and Housing and Land Development.  Recall that this is his first time in government like all others ministers in the Federation except the Prime Minister and Premier.  We see in St. Kitts attempts to make a name from the new boys on the block.  Here in Nevis the new boy in government seems to be competing for Mr. Cool and Gladys Knight and the Pips running all around the globe in photo shoots.  To date nobody in Nevis seems to be able to point to anything he has done in his constituency much less country for 2016. In the face of that abandonment for the galaxy our Minister of the year has been indefatigable in his quest to serve his constituency and his people.   The New Castle Police Station, Shaws Road, Maddens, 14-acre Housing, Water, Herbert Beach, Private Water Taxi Pier and the Wyndam Resort just to name a mouthful.  Say nothing of the smaller roads, the agricultural projects and the number of people he has helped both in St. James and in the island of Nevis.   These are herculean efforts by a political servant.  We dare anybody to even call a Minister in 2016 who has come close.

What price service?  Why serve?  There are many ministers who wish to serve to show up their fellow ministers and to undermine the head of government.  They say in their cunning that they are working so that when the time comes they can be anointed.  They may even refuse to do certain things in order that the leader should look bad and they unseat him.  Take Absalom in the Bible.  His father David would give judgement and while the people are leaving the palace Absalom would say to them that the King did it so and so but I would have done it this way and you would have been better off.  What of this Minister he seems not to want to unseat or to show up.   He seems to epitomize that prayer we used to say at primary school: “teach us oh Lord to labour and to ask for no reward save that of knowing that we do thy will”.  People have often said to this minister that he is the Atlas of the country carrying the whole government while his colleagues who nobody sees is getting three times his pay and doing precious nothing.  Our minister of the year in his magnanimity has stated that he is working to make the  team look good and when the time comes his efforts will be touted as the team’s efforts towards the common good.  What a heart!  What service.

When asked if he does not wish to be rich like the galaxy he has retorted that is not his ambition and he might never reach there.  He sees himself as doing his best to make other people rich.  That done he will be the richer.  That is heavenly coming from a Nevis man.  Here in Nevis we see a mad rush for wealth to show ourselves son our fellowman.  We applaud the ideals espoused by this rather humble and non-descrepit human being who has been elected to office to serve his people.  Before entering elective office our nominee served the private sector with distinction at TDC and Education.  He was the first person to introduce pool service to Nevis and even tried his hand at entertainment at Spotlight disco at Conch Shell.  He knows how to make do with little and has been among his people playing cricket, football, basketball and swimming.   He is a community organizer par excellence being responsible for cultural exposition during Culturama and the Herbert Beach Affair continuing every Sunday. They  tell us that he still goes to look his fish at Potworks on Saturdays. He is gregarious and friendly.  He is a father and suitor.  People have it saying that we shall soon be singing “oh perfect love”.  His political DNA is writ large in his constituency and all over the island.  His development and modernization of the Quarry reflects his private sector skill and his public service.

He is sqeaky clean without a modicum of corruption.  Many ministers of government has done well in 2016 ALEXIS “ZOOK” JEFFERS has excelled them all.  Take a bow brother and reach for the stars.  Boeing masthead says: “Forever New Frontiers”.  But it is Nike that w equote in relation to you:  “Just Do It.”  Blessings on you Minister of the Year 2016