The Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Resources, Fisheries, and Cooperatives Advocates For A Sustainable Island State Through Agriculture

Hon. Samal Duggins.
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Basseterre, St. Kitts – The Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Resources, Fisheries, and Cooperatives, led by the Honourable Samal Duggins, announced a series of successful initiatives launched in observance of World Food Day, all of which align with the ambitious goal of achieving food self-sufficiency by 2025, referred to as “25 by 25.”

Hon. Samal Duggins.

In just one week, the Ministry has made significant strides toward a sustainable future, strategically focusing on four pillars: educating, recognizing, innovating, and conserving.

With respect to educating the Federation’s future generations, Minister Duggins said that understanding that education is the foundation of sustainable development, the Ministry has donated gardening supplies to local schools. This initiative bridges the gap between classroom learning and hands-on experiences with nature, fostering a new generation of informed and responsible citizens.

The hard work and dedication of farmers and fishers, who play a crucial role in the Federation’s journey towards food security, have been celebrated at a special Food Heroes ceremony. Minister Duggins said that this event recognized their invaluable contributions and reinforced the government’s commitment to supporting these stakeholders.

In the face of contemporary challenges, innovation remains at the heart of sustainable development. According to Minister Duggins, the ministry is embracing technological advances to foster a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector.

“In a quest for a sustainable and greener future, the Ministry has introduced the Greenhouse Village Initiative, leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize traditional agricultural practices, ultimately aiming to increase productivity and ensure food security. The initiative, successful in larger Caribbean nations such as Guyana and Trinidad, aims to enhance productivity while maintaining ecological balance,” said Minister Duggins.

Recognizing the critical role of water in achieving food security and sustainableKNIS):  development, Minister Duggins said that the ministry is taking strategic steps to conserve water resources.

The Ministry launched the Drought Resilience Irrigation Project (DRIP). This initiative has equipped farmers with the tools necessary for more efficient water use, ensuring a sustainable water supply, and fostering growth in produce.

“The initiatives we’ve begun are a testament to what we can achieve through unity, innovation, and commitment. By focusing on these pillars, we’re not just striving for food security but aiming to make our island a model for sustainable agriculture,” said the Honourable Samal Duggins.
The Honourable Minister said that with these commendable efforts, the Ministry continues to pave the way toward a sustainable island state through agriculture, underscoring its commitment to the well-being and prosperity of future generations.

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