The politics of football

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For the sake of the fans, football play needs to get up and going.

The current impasse between the St. kitts-Nevis Football Association and the three top teams — TDC Newtown United, Digicel Village Superstars and S L Horsfords St. Paul’s United — needs to resolved.

Why is this conflict being allowed to drag on for weeks?

The problem started almost a month ago when four teams were announced to play in the Final Four play-offs. Caribbean Star Conaree was among those four teams, and Island Dredging Garden Hot Spurs objected and challenged the decision.

It was found that a mistake was made in the calculation of the points, and that Spurs and not Conaree should have had the fourth spot in the play-offs.

Now, it is at this point that the problem starts.

For whatever reason, the management committee decided to get two arbitrators — one recommended by Conaree and the other by Spurs. And, so with two arbitrators, a compromise was naturally reached, and it was decided that five teams would play in the play-offs.

That was the wrong move, and here we are today with no football games to watch.

The three top teams refuse to play in a five team play-offs.

Clearly a mistake was made in the tabulating the points, and so once the mistake was corrected, Spurs was the team that belonged in the Final Four.

Ofcourse we feel bad for Conaree and the players that were preparing for the play-offs, but that is the nature of competition. Someone must win, and someone must lose. So, McKnight in, Conaree out.

It is amazing how everybody sees this except the management committee of the football association.

We call on the management committee of the association to stop killing the sport.

Fans are not looking for a compromise; they are looking for a Final Four.

Conaree will surely get their chance next year.

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