Many of life’s situations can be likened to a rat having to get by a watchful cat in order to get to his prize, the elusive chunk of cheese. In the St. Kitts and Nevis political arena there is a Rat trying desperately to get around, over, under or past a Catto snatch up a most valuable piece of cheddar. The Rat, having tasted and gotten fat off the glorious and enriching cheese on four other occasions, has become rabid with lust for more cheese. He has to have it; there is no place for him in the rat-nest if he has no cheese. It is the possession and control of the cheese that has kept the Rat at the top pack. He is surrounded by many little mice whom he hands miniscule crumbs and for that they serve and adore him and against all misgivings or threat to their existence, they do his bidding. The Cat has for 18 years tried its best to keep the Rat from snatching the cheese from under it but the Rat is sly, cunning and worst of all ruthless. The Cat and the Rat have had many close encounters over the 18 years and on four occasions when Cat thought there was no way the Rat could steal the cheese, POOF! it was gone. In the first instance the Cat had become complacent and allowed the Rat to use violent tactics to secure thecheese. The second and third times, the Cat underestimated the levels the Rat would burrow to in order to get the cheese and again the Rat had won. The last time was three years ago and the Cat put up a valiant fight but the Rat’s guile was too much even for the most watchful of cats. This time the Cat has been one step ahead of the Rat in its mad grab for cheese. The Cat has learned the Rat’s tricks and has anticipated and blocked its every move thus far. The Cat has to remain vigilant and while it must never stoop to the Rat’s level it must think like the Rat in order to counter its strikes. The Cat too wants the cheese but it is more important to prevent the Rat from getting and consuming the cheeseand passing the remains as a foul pile of droppings. But we all know the duplicitous, mendacious nature of rats, that there is no rascality they do not employ and thisRat is the King of rats, so Beware Cat! Guard the cheese with all your might because this time around the Rat is fighting for its very survival and there is no telling what or whom the Rat is willing to sacrifice to get that cheese.