Thoughts of who will be our Premier or Prime Minister in 2049, has been on my mind and I seem not to be able to formulate any clear idea who that individual might be. I won’t be around then but it’s interesting to imagine the status of our federation four decades from now, based on the present shallow thinking and lack of vision By our Prime Minister and his elected affiliates. While our country moves forward and is fast becoming more modern in numerous ways, it saddens me to know that our politicians have embarked on this shortsighted vendetta that will certainly destroy the fabric of our indigenous society. What baffles even more is silence on the part of our opposition members and citizens of this country to this dangerous act being portrayed By our Federal government. There has been no serious outcry from our people towards the disqualification of dual-citizenship natives from participating in our local elections and that in my opinion is a travesty. As our Prime Minister during the past few years has made it even more revealing and difficult for our dual-citizen nationals, the vague murmurs from the public have been deafening. Our constitution since 1983 has been labeled a recipe for disaster, for many and various justifiable reasons. The constitution, riddled with flaws, has been poorly formulated and certainly is not sturdy enough to face today’s challenges. It simply cannot stand the test of time. This worthless document has been recently challenged in the court of law and there is no sign of any ending to these challenges. True, one still has to be guided By that faulty document until something is done to change or amend it, but who will brave the test? It also seems that our politicians lack the ability, the balls, the vision and courage to initiate and proceed meaningfully with any such change. They prefer, rather, to use the loopholes, indiscretions and other flaws within, to take advantage of situations and strengthen their hands at the polls while stifling the will and determination of citizens. The cowards are bent on holding on to power on the backs of indiscretion and blatantly faulty rules, laws, and legislations. The section that disqualifies dual citizen residents from running for and holding public office is a shameful example of shortsighted and shallow thinking individuals. The Prime Minister and his Labour government seems bent on strengthening those laws only for personal reasons that are mainly aimed at weakening the opponent. It appears that Caribbean governments have followed the same draft of the constitution handed down to us from mother country Great Britain, and that is absurd. Aren’t we wise and educated enough to draft and effect a better constitution than what we are presently governed By? Aren’t we capable of amending it to one that makes more sense? Our islands have changed drastically from 1983 when we became an independent state. Our human resources have made us proud as their accomplishments, educational and related successes have been exemplary. It will be interesting to show the degrees earned, per capita, of our sons and daughters of this federation. We have also moved on By leaps and bounds, and are second to none in the Caribbean. As human beings we all have natural tendencies to rise and move on in search of better economic and social status. We have been fortunate for likewise attracting this category of individuals to our shores and like our people who migrated, these folks find themselves in the identical position as our parents, fore-parents, ourselves and other family members did and have been doing for the past century. Nevis therefore is having a new breed of Nevisians as the cycle continues and we have to cope with it in a more open and visionary manner. Meanwhile, as our politicians are strengthening laws and legislation to bar certain local individuals for contesting our elections, they might very well be creating the most dastard act against our indigenous people. While they strengthen constitutional laws via election laws to prevent opposition members from running for public office, they are presently also doing the same injustice to a vast number of our children. The vast amount of native mothers who seek better opportunities for our children, are presently denying our children the opportunity of being leaders in our islands, based on the upholding and strengthening of nonsensical constitutional legislations. Prime Minister Denzil Douglas has been the one leading the charge with that legislation, seemingly, to weaken the PAM party By targeting their candidates. Here on Nevis as well, candidate Alexis Jeffers had to run to Barbados to renounce his United States citizenship. How absurd! So, while others seek opportunities and betterment here on our islands, our leaders are telling our children NO! You cannot hold public office in our country because your parents decided to have you born in the USA, Canada or England. On the other hand, those who are here simply because opportunities are better here on Nevis than in their homeland can rule our country in 2049. This demonic legislation cannot be right.