Chairman of the Constituency Boundaries Commission (CBC), Peter Jenkins says the work of the Commission is not complete, however Opposition MPs are preparing for the government to ‘sneak in”boundary changes in the parliament as soon as today, Friday. Speaking with The Observer on Thursday evening (July 18) Jenkins confirmed today’s meeting of the Commission. When asked if the Commission had completed its report on the proposed boundary changes Jenkins said “we are not complete”. “The work of the Commission is not complete. When the report is ready we will have a press conference where the press will be encouraged to ask all their questions,”he said. The Commission Chairman informed that all members of the Commission had agreed to meet together with the press “as part of the sensitization process as it relates to the responsibilities and duties of the Commission”. The Boundaries Commission met last Tuesday (July 8) and again on Thursday. The Observer questioned Jenkins if future meetings of the Commission had been scheduled. “We don’t have a set date but we do intend to meet again,”he said. Jenkins’ comments were solicited after rumors spread that the government would call an emergency sitting of the National Assembly today, Friday and table boundary change legislation. Several of the Opposition MPs told The Observer they had heard it was the Prime Minister’s intention to convene the sitting and have the boundaries changed. “That is what we are hearing is the plan,”one MP said on Wednesday. During Wednesday’s sitting of the National Assembly PM Dr. Denzil Douglas, Minister with responsibility for Elections, addressed the issue of the proposed boundary changes. He said he was guided by the Constitution, specifically Part 4, section 49 which speaks to the creation of the CBC. He informed that the Commission is comprised of a Chairman which was appointed by the Governor General acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister and after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition; two members of the National Assembly appointed by the Governor General and Prime Minister; and two members of the National Assembly appointed by the Governor General and the Leader of the Opposition. The CBC members are Hon. Marcella Liburd, Hon. Asim Martin and Hon. Vance Amory and Hon. Sen. Vincent Byron. The CBC was set up on August 1, 2012. PM Douglas and his SKN Labour Party have come under fire for “attempting to gerrymander the boundaries to steal an election”. Dr. Douglas pointed out that the constituency boundaries were revisited by the PAM administration in 1983 and elections were held in 1984. In 1988 under the Hon. Kennedy Simmonds administration, he informed, the boundaries were “revisited for the elections in March 1989”. He said according to the Constitution, the boundaries should be revisited every 3-5 years, and in 2009 his administration attempted to change the boundaries ahead of the elections which were held January 2010. “This matter became involved in the courts and as a result of that the elections were held without the boundaries being properly revisited,”he said. PM Douglas went on to say that the boundary changes are required and will be made as a matter of constitutional responsibility. On Tuesday PM Douglas said the Constitution states that the constituencies should be as near in size as possible as it relates to the number of people resident in the constituency. He said what his government was proposing with regard re-aligning the boundaries is constitutionally correct. “That is why I say this talk about the boundaries and the Labour government doing something wrong, that is absolute nonsense and I will defend whatever this government is doing at this time on the issues of boundaries anytime, anywhere, any place and in front of anybody.”The Labour Party had won elections on the existing boundaries four times, the Prime Minister boasted, and ‘they are mine; I love them as they are!””If they want to run go courts and try to stop it that is their business because I don’t need the boundaries to lead the Labour Party into victory. I have used the same boundaries four different times and beat the heck out of them! The boundaries are ours!”he declared. PM Douglas said while the Opposition members were “running around like chickens that don’t have no head’saying they would go to court to stop the boundary changes, they did not understand that the elections were already won.