Magistrate to decide today if bail should be given

Livingston Richardson of Ramsbury Site has been arrested as part of a trio of people allegedly involved in stealing building materials to build a house in Government Road.

He joins accused thievesGlenville “Denny” Fahie and his mother Marcella who were charged late last week in connection with allegedly stealing building material to build and complete a house in Government Road.

According to a police press release Livingston Richardson of Ramsbury Site was arrested, formally charged and cautioned for the offense of Larceny, which was committed at Braziers Estate between January 31, 2018 and February 02, 2018.

Members of the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force February 18 were seen disassembling the wooden houses at Government Road,wood by wood, nail by nail. The operation took close to 12 hours to complete. At present only 32 concrete blocks can be seen where the structure once laid.

It is alleged that all the material used to construct the house was stolen from various sites on the island. These areas include: Brown Hill, Church Ground, Burden Pasture and Prospect. Owners who claimed to have had items stolen from their possession gathered at the demolishing site Sunday to identify their materials.

The mother and son duo, arrestedFebruary 18, appeared at the Magistrate Court in Charlestown Nevis February 22 after being held in police custody four days.On Wednesday they were slapped with the charge of larceny and receiving stolen goods, appearing before visiting Magistrate from St. Kitts Donna Harris.

Harris heard their bail application but reserved her decision until Friday March 2). They were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until that date..

Richardson was also remanded. His attorney Saunder Hector appeared before the Magistrate Yasmine Clarke February 27 in hope ofseeking bail but was asked to return on Friday to apply before Magistrate Harris.

The police are current still investigating the matter.