Three of the Safest Caribbean Islands to Visit

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Safety is one of the primary concerns when planning a trip to another country. While the dogged reputation that persists around the developing world, including the Caribbean, is often exaggerated, there is indeed some risk involved when traveling to a few of the islands and territories in the region. On the other hand, some nations are exceptionally safe for tourists and locals, recording sometimes less than one murder a year.

Here are three of the safest Caribbean islands to travel to in 2023.

1. St. Barts

In Saint-Barthélemy, sunburn is a bigger concern than any violent crime. The small island nation boasts a zero-percent murder rate, and years can pass without any report of a single violent crime. St. Barts remains a French colony to this day and is a hotspot for the ‘who’s who’ with celebrities as noteworthy and diverse as Rihanna and Jeff Bezos choosing the island as a frequent getaway.

2. Cayman Islands

Located just to the south of Cuba, the Cayman Islands is another tiny nation that attracts wealthy clientele. The scenic getaway has one of the strictest gun laws of any Caribbean nation, with less than 2% of its residents owning firearms. While there is a bit of a theft problem due to criminals preying on wealthy visitors, the number of cases is negligible and violent crime is virtually non-existent.

3. Montserrat

The British territory is off the beaten path for most tourists, receiving a modest 20,000 visitors every year. However, what the beautiful Caribbean island lacks in activity, it more than makes up for in terms of peacefulness and serenity. Violent crimes are almost non-existent. There’s only petty theft. By far the greatest concern about visiting Montserrat is the Soufrière Hills, an active volcano. But, this volcano last erupted in 2010, with only minor ash pollution occurring.


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