Vincent Frelance

By Monique Washington

Linton Forbes
Linton Forbes

Linton Forbes of Hamilton has been apprehended by the Violent Crime Unit of the Nevis Division Police Force, charged with murdering Vincent “Vincie” Ferlance on April 16, which led to the subsequent charge of murder on April 21.

In the most recent murder, investigations led police to the Hamilton residence after the Saturday morning shooting and on Monday Forbes was taken into custody for questioning at the Charlestown Police Station in Nevis.

Kishanda Clarke
Kishanda Clarke

“Vincie,” was a 20 year old Bath Village resident. According to the police report Ferlance was gunned down after 3 a.m. on Saturday April 16 on Pinney’s Beach.

When the shooting took place there was a large crowd in the area attending a fund-raising activity. Ferlance was shot once in the chest, rushed to the Alexandria Hospital, where he later died from the gunshot wound.

Less than 48 hours after Ferlance’s death, Kishanda Clarke of Government Road was shot and wounded by a drive-by shooter. Clarke was shot while walking on Stuart Williams Drive on Sunday at around 8 p.m. He was transported to the Alexandria Hospital and admitted with non-life threatening wounds to his shoulder and leg.

This shooting took place three days after police answered a report of shots fired in Rawlins Pasture. One suspect was arrested in connection with Clarke’s shooting and a car was impounded as a result of their investigations. They have since charged Jelani Howell and Kyle Tweed, both of Bath Village Nevis, with attempted murder and shooting with intent.

In the wake of 10 murders this year, five in St. Kitts and five in Nevis, the Premier of Nevis Hon. Vance Armory called out last week for the “senseless acts of violence to stop.” The Premier was reacting to recent murders that recently took place in Nevis and the apprehension of three suspects.

“These senseless acts of violence create tension and fear in the whole community,” Armory said. “Even though it appears the violence is targeted at those who may be involved in what may be petty personal disagreements, it is cause for great concern that the perpetrators of the violence and crime continue to resort to the use of guns to settle their arguments.”

The Hon. Premier appealed to persons committingthe crimes to “resolve and settle their differences” by simply taking it out and not allowing revenge to overcome them. He emphasized with the use of guns and other weapons criminals will only destroy each other.

Parents who have children in gangs were encouraged by Hon. Amory to have them move away from a life of crime and destruction.

“If parents or any persons in the community have information that their children or any other persons in the community may be involved in committing a crime or may have weapons, I can only ask you to do the right thing and report them to the police or get a responsible trusted person to assist to get this dealt with as quietly and effectively possible,” Premier Armory continued. “Our country cannot take any more of this crime and violence. Let us stop it now.”