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It is heartening to observe the spirit of co-operation with which the defense force and the police have been operating and the positive outcomes which have resulted in the discovery of weapons and the apprehension of wanted criminals.

These positive outcomes have raised the hopes of our population in St. Kitts and Nevis and have given us a measure of peace and a sense of security.  We are comforted to know that the forces of law and order are working on our behalf to ensure that fear and harassment are expelled from our midst.

We express our gratitude to Minister Astaphan of National Security along with the police and the army who are bearing the brunt of this expedition.  We wish them continued success as they step up their vigilance on our behalf and we pray for God’s protection as they wage their crusade against crime in our community.

The collaboration between the army and the police sets an example for the other agencies and institutions which are dedicated to the well-being of our community.  We believe very sincerely that this level of collaboration can be copied by other institutions which strive to serve the youth in our community.

It seems to us that the government can capitalize on the expertise which exists in the several ministries to tackle the business of your youth.   So that when the tough problems arise, such as youth delinquency, the experts of the Ministry of Education which deals with youth, the Ministry of Sports which also deals with youth and the Ministry of National Security which deals with youths going bad should put their heads together and formulate an action plan to rescue those of our young people who have fallen into the miry clay of criminal activity and to steer innocent ones away from the mire.

There ought to be a confluence of activity among the civic organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Boys’ Brigade, the Girl Guides and Girls Brigade, the various church groups which deal with youth, and the youth clubs of the village.

Each of these groups is making an excellent effort on its own but if they got together under some sort of national umbrella to plan how they might impact the young people of their various organizations, their benefits could be multiplied ten-fold for good to our youth.

One of the possibilities is that every youth in St. Kitts and Nevis will become involved in some kind of youth organization.  If we could accomplish this great feat, we will ensure that the next generation of adults enter their world armed with good values.

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