TOP COP ATTEND FBI RETAINER CONFERENCE IN BRAZIL Three (3) of the Federation’s most decorated Senior Police Officers, traveled last week-end to join their fellow alumni of the Latin America- Caribbean Chapter of FBINAA at their annual Retrainer Conference. This year’s conference, which has attracted over four hundred (400) delegates from 31 countries, including eight CARICOM Member States, was held at the IBEROSTAR Hotel, Bahia, Salvador, Brazil. The three are; Commissioner of Police Mr. Austin A Williams, Barbados based Assistant Commissioner of Police, with responsibility for Plans, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Mr. Ian M Queeley and Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Superintendent Ivor W Blake. The trio was part of the over thirty-six thousand (36,000) graduates of the FBI National Academy (FBINA), one of the world’s most prestigious Law Enforcement institutions, since its inception in 1935. The week-long conference was aimed at keeping graduates current with the challenges within the law enforcement environment, and at the same time sharing new ideas, initiatives and experiences to combat these threats. This was done through a combination of lectures and presentations from experts in the various fields. Some of this year’s topics for discussion included, but were not limited to: _ Integrated DNA Profiling Matrix _ Using DNA in Criminal Investigations _ Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) _ Strategic Planning _ Ethical Leadership & Leadership Development _ High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas _ Intelligence Profile & Task Force Collaboration _ Transnational Criminal Enterprises _ The South American Finger Print Initiative _ The NY JFK Bombing Plot Investigations _ Less Lethal & Non Lethal Weapons The highlight of this year’s conference was the signing of an agreement between the United States and Brazilian officials about arrangements for Brazil to start using CODIS through their country as well as a link to the USA. Next year’s conference will be held in Columbia.