Tourism Month 2020 highlights sector workers importance

Carlene Henry-Morton, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism kicks off annual tourism month activities.
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— This year’s Tourism Month theme: ‘Tourism – People, Product, Purpose #Planningforposterity’ is fitting and was chosen to highlight the importance of workers in the sector said Carlene Henry-Morton, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism.

“The theme was chosen to highlight the critical importance of this sector’s workers – that is why you hear people – our main stakeholders, and the entire society, in rebuilding and the recovery process in the sector,” said Mrs. Henry-Morton. “It also speaks to ensuring that we innovate and we adapt to rebound with the required tourism infrastructure, the product, and the types of product offerings that we will continue to produce for our guests so that they get value for the money, and the destination remains very appealing, exciting, attractive and competitive.”

Mrs. Henry-Morton said it is imperative to include a purpose that speaks to remaining focused.

“It suggests resilience, perseverance, endurance, optimism, innovation, and this idea that we have to adapt the resources that we have to meet the demands of the COVID-19 environment that we now inhabit, and most likely it is going to be around for the foreseeable future,” said Mrs. Henry-Morton. “The planning for posterity tells you that we are not just looking at now, we are also thinking about years from now. What we do now is going to impact generations that are going to be coming behind us.”

Mrs. Henry-Morton said the focus is also placed on the present. “There are questions of “How do we rebound and how we prepare to continue to manage our tourism sector so that we all can go back to decent livelihoods as best as we can?

“We may have to be very creative,” she said. “We may have to do things differently. We may have to find ways of using some of the resources that we have not been utilizing as best as we can. We have to find ways to make sure that we put them to very good use so that our tourism sector rebounds and that it does well. So, that is basically what Tourism Month 2020 is about even in the midst of this pandemic.”

Tourism Month is celebrated every year from November 1-30.

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