Tourism Week Looking Good To Go!

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By Trisha La Place

The Observer

ST. KITTS–This year’s tourism week of activities looks very promising, said Unoma Allen, communications officer in the Ministry Tourism.

She said many ideas were brought forward to enhance the upcoming week.

From Oct. 29 to Nov. 1 a number of events will take place, including the official opening of the week by Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas and Tourism Day of Prayer. Also officials are planning some school activities, symposiums for various tourism related careers, visual art and crafts, a pan festival, and an awards banquet.

Don’t forget Ocean Fest, Allen said, which this year will include the GEM Radio Rave at Frigate Bay Beach.

“St. Kitts is completely fending for itself, we are on our own and as our new motto suggest ‘Preparing to Welcome The World,’ we have to separate ourselves from the pack, in doing so we are definitely trying to make this years tourism week even bigger and better from before,” Allen said.

This year’s tourism week is even more important than ever because the tourism industry has to lead the way in the development of the Federation’s economy.

“We are now moving away from King Sugar which of course was the guard of our financial setting,” Allen said.

Allen said that for the most part tourism week this year would not change much. However, she pointed out that the focus and the energy of the week will be much more intense.

The week will seek to educate the public on careers in tourism, development of a tourism product, as well as retraining, re-educating and re-emphasising the need for everyone’s input in the industry.

Allen said so far the preparations for tourism week looks “Fruitful.”

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