L-R: Speaker the Hon. A. Michael Perkins, Deputy Clerk Ms. Trevlyn Stapleton, Clerk Mrs. Sonia Boddie-Thompson, and Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris.

Governor General, His Excellency Sir S.W. Tapley Seaton, GCMG, CVO, QC, JP, has approved the recommendation of the Public Service Commission that Ms. Trevlyn Stapleton’s appointed post and date be changed to Deputy Clerk, National Assembly, effective Jan. 1.

Speaker of the National Assembly, the Hon A. Michael Perkins, made the announcement on Wednesday at the start of the sitting of parliament.  Ms .Stapleton, 25, an Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, has been deputising the Clerk of the National Assembly Mrs. Sonia Boddie-Thompson since December during Budget debates in an acting position.

“I take the opportunity to congratulate young Ms. Trevlyn Stapleton on her formal appointment to the post of Deputy Clerk of the Assembly, and I wish her well in the position,” said the Hon. Perkins.During a break of the parliamentary session, he added: “I also say congratulations and special thanks the Clerk herself, Mrs. Boddie-Thompson, who has single-handedly held the position of Clerk for the past two years-plus, and would have done an outstanding job. I am sure she is now happy for the support that she would now get from the Deputy Clerk.”

Also congratulating the newly appointed Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly was Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris.

“It is indeed a very significant role and it will allow her to become familiar with the parliamentary life at a very young age,” said Prime Minister Harris. “She is lucky to have with her, as a Clerk, Sonia Boddie-Thompson, who has had experience, who is also still a very young lady and has had the opportunity of assisting the parliament over a prolonged period of time. I think today is a good day because this signals that the government is open to everyone to be able to utilise their talents and to reach great heights without consideration of their age.”

The Prime Minister hoped the appointment would inspire young people that their conduct, their behaviour, and their academic achievement would be valued by the society and they would be given increasing opportunities to actualise. He also commended Speaker Perkins for having an input in Ms. Stapleton’s selection and for finding her a worthy person in which the honour of that kind of service could be bestowed.

“I know she comes with a wealth of administrative experience and that is going to be certainly very useful for the type of work that we undertake in the parliament,” said Mrs Boddie-Thompson. “She has really been a great support to me because from time to time I may have to exit the parliament to deal with matters and now I am able to still sit in parliament and have her go out and come back in, and so at all time the parliament will be manned by a clerical person at the table. I know I can now slip out and have a little break because she is also there to assist me.”

The new Deputy Clerk, Ms Trevlyn Stapleton, said she was honoured to receive the opportunity to serve her country.

“To be chosen to serve in this capacity is truly a blessing,” said Ms Stapleton. “I am grateful to have the Clerk Mrs Sonia Boddie-Thompson to be my mentor so far, and I am sure throughout we have been working well — we will continue to work well, and I promise to do the country good.”