Trump Golfs While Congress In Christmas Chaos.

Donsld Trump
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PALM BEACH, Florida (Daily Mail)–December 25th, 2020–President Donald Trump spent his first full day at Mar-a-Lago at his golf course after the White House added a bizarre note to his Thursday schedule, writing he is working hard for the American people with ‘many meetings and calls.’

Trump arrived at his golf course shortly after 10 am and returned to his Winter White House shortly before 2 pm, where White House officials called a ‘lid,’ indicating he is in for the rest of the day.

It meant President Trump and first lady Melania Trump did not publicly attend church on Christmas Eve, which they usually do. Many churches are having online services because of the coronavirus pandemic and Palm Beach County requires masks to be worn inside when social distancing is not possible.

There were no public events listed on Trump’s schedule – which has been typical since Election Day – but there was a footnote on Thursday’s edition saying the president is at work despite starting his day at his Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach and as Washington D.C. in crisis mode as it faces a government shutdown.

‘As the Holiday season approaches, President Trump will continue to work tirelessly for the American People. His schedule includes many meetings and calls,’ read the note at the bottom of Thursday’s schedule.

It was an unusual addition and was in bold-faced type, making it stand out.

All presidents release a public daily schedule and it’s not unusual for all the president’s activities not to be listed. Many times, meetings and phone calls – which are closed to press coverage – are not on the public document.

But the note comes after reports Trump has been sequestered in the Oval Office, huddling with a small group of advisers on his options to overturn the election.

The president’s focus has been on trying to stay in the White House. He has ignored the coronavirus pandemic that is killing more than 3,000 Americans a day. Vice President Mike Pence has become the face of the administration on the matter and publicly received his first dose of the COVID vaccine last Friday.

Trump’s Thursday golf game wasn’t listed – and it never is on his public schedule – but he arrived at his namesake golf course shortly after 10 a.m.

During his time at the Winter White House, the president usually spends his mornings at his golf club where he gets in a round of golf before lunching in its dining room.

Trump’s efforts to overturn the election have not been fruitful. His team has lost multiple court cases, there has been no evidence of mass voter fraud, the electoral college formally named Joe Biden the winner, many Republicans have recognized Biden as the president-elect, and recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin confirmed Biden’s win.

Before coming to Florida, the president has been huddled in the Oval Office with advisers and his legal team – including Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell – to review his options.

He has not had a public event in 10 days.

He and first lady Melania Trump flew to Florida on Wednesday night.

Trump left behind a Christmas chaos after he vetoed the must-pass defense bill that funds the Pentagon and includes a pay raise for the troops. Congress is expected to override his veto next week.

Trump also hinted he could veto a legislative package that funds the government and provides COVID relief to Americans hurt economically by the pandemic.  If he doesn’t sign it, the government shuts down at midnight on Monday.

Congress sent the bill to the president at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday, putting it on a plane to get to him.

The president demanded a $2,000 relief check for Americans instead of the $600 one in the legislation. His move shocked both parties on Capitol Hill. Members of Congress had negotiated the deal with the administration – Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was lead for the Trump Team – and both chambers of Congress had passed the package.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Trump’s bluff and moved to pass a measure for the $2,000 checks in the House on Thursday morning. But House Republicans snuffed out move – failing to accept the offer in a rare Christmas Eve session and forcing the proposal to get shelved on a parliamentary procedure.

Pelosi plans to try again on Monday.

The president left cold, dark Washington and arrived to thousands of supporters to cheer him in sunny Florida.

As his motorcade made its way from the Palm Beach International Airport Wednesday evening, people lined the route, waving signs and cheering him on. Trump waved to them in return.

They waved their Trump flags and chanted ‘Four more years!’

One small boy had a sign that said ‘We’re going to miss you.’

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