Trump Hopes for Better Cuba Relations if It Acts Correctly

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U.S. President Donald Trump expressed hope on normalization of relations with Cuba, noting that currently Cuba is acting incorrectly. He didn’t explain how they are acting incorrectly.

Trump told reporters, that he hopes that the relations with Cuba will normalize, but now Cuba is not doing the right thing, and when they act wrong, the U.S. will not do the right thing. Trump added, that they must be firm with Cuba.

He noted that the people of Cuba are “incredible people” and they “strongly support” him. But there’s no clear evidence the Cuban people support Trump, just the normalization of relations with the US.

In 2004, The United States and Cuba announced that they had begun working on the gradual normalization of relations. In July 2015, the countries restored diplomatic relations. Subsequently, the parties signed a number of bilateral agreements, although the trade embargo against Cuba, which was introduced by the U.S. Congress, was never abolished.

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