Trump Not Toast Yet, But Georgia Turning Blue For Biden.

File photo. Trump and Biden butting heads at the first presidental debate, the Cleveland Clash.
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Thursday, November 6th, 2020–As another day dawned, the slow but inexorable process of counting the last few thousand votes in a handful of key states continued with the not-so United States holding their collective breath while waiting to find out who will be their head of government for the next four years, starting in January, 2021.

Joe Biden is inching closer to victory in Georgia. The latest votes tally has both candidates tightly matched, but with Biden 1,097 ahead. Georgia has voted Republican for decades, so a change of party here would be a major political development.

In Pennsylvania a lot of pundits have tipped that Biden will win the ‘horserace’ with a late run of postal votes from suburban areas. There are said to be about 160,000 uncounted mail ballots in Pennsylvania.

On average, Biden is winning about 75% of that mail vote. Donald Trump leads by 18,000. So, if Biden is on course to get 120,000 of those remaining votes, it would see him win the state by about 60,000 votes. But that is a big IF.

Trump supporters across the US increasingly say they no longer trust Fox News, the Rupert Murdoch-owned TV network that has acted as one of the president’s staunchest allies in past years.

Fox News has often been considered the closest thing to the Gospels by conservatives in the US, but Fox News announced more state-level victories for Joe Biden on Wednesday, Trump supporters across the country grew more vocal in their frustration with the network, now that it was not reporting what they wanted to hear.

Some say they have shifted their allegiance to media outlets that lean even further right, such as One America News, which employs a prominent conspiracy theorist as one of its correspondents.

In Arizona, pro-Trump demonstrators who massed outside an election facility in Phoenix chanted: “Fox News sucks!” A man in Nevada screamed the same slogan repeatedly in the background of a live news feed there.

In Detroit, as Trump supporters chanted “Stop the count!” outside a ballot-counting location, the news that Fox had just called Michigan for Biden had little effect on the demonstration.

“Fox, you can’t even trust them,” said Rob Phail, 51, from South Lyon, Michigan, who had been leading the chants. “They’re the worst chameleons of all. So, you’re like, OK, who do you trust?”

The US president is elected by winning at least 270 electoral college votes, not the outcome of the popular vote – which Joe Biden is dominating.

Because there is no centralized federal election system, it has become tradition in the US that “decision desks” at media organizations make a call that states have been won by one candidate or the other when enough votes have been counted.

States that are too close to call – such as Nevada and Georgia at the moment – remain in the balance until a network “calls” them.



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