Hurricane Dorian reaching the Bahamas on its track to Florida, USA - Sept. 1st, 2019 14.11 UTC. Image processed by Pierre Markuse.


NY Post- President Trump said authorities are “very well-prepared” for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, which is expected to make landfall in Georgia or the Carolinas after largely sparing Florida.

“It looks like Florida is going to be in fantastic shape in comparison to what we thought,” Trump said during a media briefing in the Oval Office as he held up a map showing the original projected path of the Category 2 storm.

“We don’t know where the hurricane is turning. We are very well-prepared,” the president said, adding that he hoped residents also would “get lucky” in the Carolinas and Georgia.

Peter Gaynor , acting director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, listened in to the president on the phone.

“We are ready to go. We will follow Dorian up the coast until it is not a threat to the US,” Gaynor said as the storm moved at about 8 mph with sustained winds of near 105 mph.

Dorian left at least seven deaths in the Bahamas, with the full scope of the disaster still unknown.

Trump said the Bahamas was hit hard, like “few have seen before,” and that the US is providing humanitarian assistance.