Vietnam and Trinidad and Tobago are seeking stronger ties with Cuba for different goals. During an official visit to Cuba, Communist Party of Vietnam’s (PCV) Nguyen Phu Trong held dialogue with Cuban President Raul Castro to discuss the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two nations

Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba are set to deepen ties and engage in knowledge sharing in the area of food production and sustainable agriculture. The news comes from Trinidad and Tobago’s Ambassador to Cuba, Lancelot Cowie, who said that they are interested in strengthening food industry relations with their Caribbean counterpart, a “very experienced country on the matter.”

Communist Cuba and Vietnam first established diplomatic relations in 1960, born out of a shared goal to promote socialism and sustainable development.

“We firmly believe that the outcomes of this visit will greatly contribute to the inheritance and promotion of the Vietnam-Cuba traditional solidarity and friendship and, particularly, foster and improve the effectiveness of cooperation between our two countries in the new period,” Phu Trong stated in a release following the trip.

Phu Trong and Castro were parties to the signing of some nine agreements which aims to increase government and business cooperation between to two countries. Following the inking of the accords, Phu Trong furnished Castro with Vietnam’s highest distinction, the Golden Star Order.

“The close friendship between Cuba and Vietnam has passed the test of time,” Castro declared. The Vietnamese were similarly celebrated with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in Political Sciences from the University of Havana.


As for T&T, Cowie commented on the development while praising Cuba’s achievements in urban and suburban agriculture at the 21st International Food and Agriculture Fair (Fiagrop 2018) in Havana, Cuba. Cowie pointed to Cuba’s advancement in the use of natural fertilizers and other organic products as an area of particular interest.

In the past Cuba has sent experts in vegetable production and other agricultural branches to Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean countries, and Cowie told Prensa Latina that the two-island nation hopes to expand that partnership to cacao production.