Tuck Een Yuh Belly This Weekend

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By Suelika N. Buchanan

The Observer

T.N.O Sounds has reloaded and is now new and improved.

Members of T.N.O have matured and have now taken on the responsibility of organizing and promoting dances at the Golden Torch Restaurant now turned night club.

This Friday evening, Oct. 14, the top ranking sound will host a dance entitled “Tuck Een You Belly” which was taken from the popular song by Leftside and Esco.

“We expect people to come and have a good time, we’re trying to make Golden Torch as a new place to hold events, it’s a new and safer place and we hope this dance would be the beginning,” said Cheddi Bradshaw a member of the promotional team and main selector of the sound.

Other rankng soundings performing that night include DJ Yardy of Energetic, Exhibit A and Culture Blend.

Ladies are free before midnight while the regular admission is $10.

There is also a special request that is asked of the ladies.

“We want the ladies with the flattest belly to come out and show it off, others can come too of course, but keeping in mind with the theme of the dance, we will be giving a prize to the lady with the flattest belly,” Bradshaw said.

Security will be tight and another advantage the club has besides it’s beautiful setting is the parking space.

Members of the sound say T.N.O represents the young people because the group started as several friends who hung out together and were still attending high school.

It all began in 1999, with the passion and love for music.

“I wasn’t a member of the Sound at the time but we were all friends, and the popularity of the Sound stemmed from the attraction from our peers and other young people, so I guess they felt the Sound represented them,” he said.

T.N.O began playing for private and house parties, until finally they developed enough popularity and supporters to start hosting their own parties at the Girls Guides Headquarters.

According to Bradshaw, the Sound has gone through a number of changes and restructuring of the members. He said back then the mind set of the members were probably about playing music and the love for it, but now it’s different, they are more focused and more business minded.

“Now we’re more into the business side of things where we are into organizing bigger and better events that we plan to do in neighboring islands and with neighboring artists,” said Merisa Grant who is also a member of the promotional team.

The Sound also had a radio segment on Elements of Surprise which is a positive youth radio program organized by the Department of Youth and hosted by youth.

“The program really helped us transform into a more positive Sound, and we began playing for more youth related activities,” Bradshaw said.

The members of the Sound are Calvin Harris, who acts as Manager of the Sound, Miguel Knight a.k.a. MK the Sound’s main mc, Reo Warner as a selector, Dwayne Ferguson a.k.a. DJ Flames as a mc, Jaime Adams as consultant/marketing person along with Bradshaw.

Grant said that Bradshaw is really encouraging the changes that have occurred in the Sound group.

“He’s decided to take his music very seriously, there’s a saying that says, ‘Your Company reflects who you are’ and so this is T.N.O rising to that other level,” she said.

The Sound also boasts to be one of the few if not only DJ Sound that can mix clean and smooth.

“Our main M.C also has an outstanding voice, whether it’s on the radio or in the club, he draws attention,” Bradshaw said. “And know one mixes as clean as we do, it’s not necessarily our equipment but the skills we have.”

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